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Добродошли на нашу интернет страницу.


Страница је креирана да бисте се ви боље упознали са нашим годишњим Голф турниром. Одбор за прикупљање финансијских средстава започео је голф турнире са жељом да помогне напоре Грађевинског одбора да обновимо, проширимо и осавременимо нашу црквену салу.

Турнир се одржава у суботу Септембра 17ог, 2022 на King's Forest & Country Club, on 100 Greenhill Ave in Hamilton.

На овој интернет страници можете наћи формуларе за регистрацију играча и формуларе ако желите да будете спонзор турнира.

Bаше учествовање на Голф турниру је веома важно за будуће успехе наше црквене заједнице. 

Please make a payment first to obtain a transaction ID # for your registration through the payment button.


This tournament will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2022 at the King’s Forest Golf Club Tee times will vary and will be sent to you prior to the golf date. 


Golf, cart, lunch & beer on golf course, and prizes……$175 / person.  

A tax receipt for $75 will be issued for your donation to the

St Nicholas Building Fund. 

Fees must accompany this registration form.

Please see the end of this form for details re submitting the

registration form and payment.

A transaction ID information is needed to complete the registration.

Fees can be paid through the PAYMENT BUTTON above using a credit card.

There will not be a registration desk at the club on the day of the tournament. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause this year.

*Please pay online through the payment button above by credit card.

Completed forms may be returned to: Diane Manojlovic via email at  


Fees may be paid online ( by credit card


or cheques and forms may be mailed to: Golf Tournament,

611 Holly Hill Cres., Burlington, L7L 3Z8



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Dear Supporter of the St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Cathedral:

I am sure we are all hoping and praying that we are in a pandemic recovery stage and that things will be back to normal soon.


When we started the hall expansion project 6 years ago, we could not imagine that we would still be trying to get site plan approval. After much work by the Building Committee members, we made headway with the city, and it now lays in the hands of the Land Registry Office for final approval. We are all still dedicated and motivated to continue with our initial goal.


Due to the pandemic our “in person” fundraising was halted, except for our golf tournament.  We were thankful to be able to hold that event, albeit in a scaled down version for the last 2 years, and to say that they have been extremely successful.


We hope to repeat that success this year with a full and even more exciting event. The biggest changes being that David Bibic has replaced George Pejic as the Golf Committee Chairman and we are pleased to include Diane Manojlovic as the Administrator for the golfers. We owe George a debt of gratitude and a big thank you for all his hard work and guidance over the past 5 years.


The tournament is being planned for Saturday, September 17, 2022.  It will be held at King’s Forest Golf Club in Hamilton. Save the date for now, as more information will be coming.  


As in previous years, in addition to, or in lieu of, attending the tournament, sponsoring, which can be done in a number of ways, is one way everybody can help.  Please see the classifications outlined below. All will be recognized at our dinner and tax receipts will be issued for all sponsorships and donations.



David Bibic, Golf Committee Chairman with:




Vladimir Sobot, 

President, Building Committee 


Dragica Sobot, 

Chair Fundraising Committee


Miroslav Cucuz,

President, SCS


Sponsorship Classifications:

Platinum Level, Primary Sponsor - $25,000 (includes golf for 1 foursome + 4 golf shirts + placard in hall + sign on hole)


Gold Level - $15,000 (Includes 4 golf shirts + golf balls + banner in hall + sign on hole)


Diamond Level - $10,000 (includes 4 golf shirts + banner in hall + sign on hole) 


Emerald Level - $5,000 (includes golf balls + banner in hall + sign on hole)


Ruby Level - $2,500 (includes golf balls + sign on hole)  


Dinner Sponsor - $2,000* (X2)


Carts Sponsor - $2,000*


Lunch Sponsor - $1,500*


Gift Bag Sponsor - $1,000* - (already have a sponsor for 2022)


Prizes Sponsor - $500* (X3)


Beer Sponsor - $500*


Liquor Sponsor - $500*


Hole Sponsor - $250* (X50)


Supporter - $100


*(includes a sign on the golf course)


For sponsorships, please contact Dragica Sobot at, Anka Manojlovich at, Diane Manojlovich at

or David Bibic at


For golf, please contact Diane Manojlovich at

Please make a payment first to obtain a transaction ID # for your sponsorship through the payment button.


*Please pay online through the payment button above by credit card.

If you do not want to submit your sponsorship form electronically, you can print the form below and accompanied with the cheque mail it to the following address;


Anka Manojlovic

14 Vera Crt,

Hamilton, ON L8K 4G8


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